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Introducing the HookShark by Slayer!

For years I have been looking for a way to simplify hook tying. Tying a good knot not only requires some skill and dexterity, it also requires pulling hard on the knot to set it, and the stiffer the line, the more challenging it is to pull tight. If you don’t set the knot properly, then the first decent sized fish will break the knot.

HookShark by SlayerIt seems like every new tool I have seen only works on small hooks, and is so flimsy that it would break if you tried to set the knot properly.

I have cut my fingers on the hook so many times it is just not funny. I have even seen guys hold the hook in their teeth to set the knot (I wonder how many have chipped their teeth or snagged their lip). Even worse, I have seen guys pull the hook against the boat, a shelf or concrete. This usually damages the hook and/or whatever you are pulling against.

It was from this frustration that I invented the HookShark. Simply slide the ring over your small finger, then insert the hook through the eye of the shark (bigger hooks can be held in the notch of the open jaw). By pressing your thumb against the hook, you will easily hold the hook in place without risk of cutting yourself. Now you can easily slide your line through the eye of the hook. Now hold onto the line and pull snug while spinning the HookShark for the desired number of wraps. Finish your knot and pull hard to set the knot. It’s easy, fast and provides a better quality knot!

This tool works great for people just trying to tie a better knot faster, but is also a safer way to teach kids how to tie their own knots. It is also a helpful solution when your fingers are not quite as nimble as they used to be.

Try the HookShark today and Catch More Fish!


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